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e-weld v3.0ML (Build:1) [Back]
A error is found in formula for calulated area of Asymmetrical K-Joints, T-Butt

This error was not in previous versions of e-weld (like. v2.2ML).
You can download an update (Build:3), check [downloads] If you have a registed copy of v3.0ML (Build:1) you will need a new unlock code ( This will be provided without any additional cost).

Before you install this update you must take a copy of e-welds database.
The e-weld database is normally placed in e-weld programarea
C:\Programfiler\e-weld v3.0ML\eWeld97.mdb or C:\Program files\e-weld v3.0ML\eWeld97.mdb
After copying of the database, please uninstall v.3.0ML (Buld:1) before you install the update

Summing up:

  • Make a copy of database (eWeld97.mdb)
  • Uninstall e-weld v3.0ML (Build:1)
  • Install update (Build:3)
  • Replace eWeld97.mdb included in the update with your copy.
If you have any additional questions regarding this procedure please send us a mail: [eweld@industri.no] 
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