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Various settings in e-weld 
  • Start e-weld.
  • Click on menu for Settings, 3 choices is available. Select your language, Select your logo file and Options ...

  • Select your language.

    You can whenever you like change language with immediate effect. Only exception is while you preview a HTML report. You then have to restart the report for the changed language to take effect.
  • If you want to select another language, click on sub menu Select your language......

  • Select your logo file.

    In the HTML reports that are generated by e-weld, the standard logo is the e-weld logo up in the right corner of the report. It's however possible to replace it with your own logo. Image format has to be: *.bmp, *.ico, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png.
  • If you want to change logo file, click on sub menu for Select logo file.....

  • Options.

    If you want to change Options, click on sub menu for Options......
    The following options are available:

  • Currency. Pick your local currency.
  • Standard units of Calculation. You can choose between International Units (ISO) and American - English Units (US)
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