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Quit e-weld Open database New project Delete project New calulation Delete calulation Save changed calulation Summing up Update Search Up... Find previous calculation Find next calulation Print Preview report Deposit rating Estimate your Heat-Input Cross section Preheating Estimate CE/Pcm equivalent Throatthickness -> Leg length Weldshrinkage Settings Help Calculator Choose type of joint Platethickness Rootgap Rootface Included angle Height of cap Input of additional information regarding Asymetric K- and X-Joints, and for the welding methods 121, 135 og 136. Joint sketch. Results, the calculations is continiously updates by entering data. Input of welding distance Any comments or additional information of your calculation to be added here Layer thickness. It will not affect your calculation, only drawing of welding joint. Joint data Welding method and economical inputs Shift between folder and list view of calculations Hide folder or list view.. Showing projects and calculations from database.

Welding information.

  • Choose type of welding joint
  • Choose welding method
  • Choose material
  • Input joint data

    Additional information.

    Depending on type of welding- method or -joint, input information of:
  • Included angle other side
  • Distance from top of plate to center of rootface
  • Flux price / cost per kilo
  • Gasflow in (l/min.)
  • Gasprise per m³

    Input of economical data

  • Deposit rating in kilo/h
  • Recovery in %
  • Duty cycle in %
  • Hourly wage
  • Electrode / wire cost per kilo

    Finally you can add extra information regarding your calculation.
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